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Our Story


As ocean lovers & reef scientists, protecting oceans is our way of life. In recent years, we realised the sunscreen on our skin was harming the very ecosystems we dedicated our lives to protect. We were not sunscreen lovers to start with…all the sunscreens we could find were filled with toxic ingredients, unpleasant to use and harsh on the skin. So, we set out on a journey to create sun care solutions genuinely good for us, and harmless to ocean life. In 2018, we joined forces with Australian skincare specialists to create a one-of-a-kind sun system eco-consciously formulated to protect sensitive skins and natural ecosystems.

Sunscreen for your face

Australian Born

We make our products in Australia, a country where the burn time is as rapid as 5 minutes. We believe all skins deserve the best sun protection - with clean ingredients and honest products. With LaGaia Unedited, we approached skin as a living ecosystem and developed a holistic approach to helping skin with sun stress. Together, we aim to make sun-kissed skin healthy, protected and naturally beautiful.

To celebrate Australia's natural beauty, our sunscreens are infused with an aromatic blend of Australian botanicals composed by our products partners, LaGaia Unedited.

Ocean Lovers

There is strong evidence that mainstream sunscreens are polluting our water ways and entering our oceans. Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene are commonly used UV-filters in chemical base sunscreens. These ingredients are toxic to ocean life, acting as hormones disruptors on marine species and impacting coral reefs from very small concentrations. For this reason, all P4O formulations exclude water polluting elements.

Toxin Free Sunscreen

Meet The P4O Team

P4O Sun Care is a story about skin health, ocean adventures and most of all, family. Together People4Ocean and LaGaia Unedited ; Mother, Daughters and Son, set out on a Global first. A natural sun system loved by skin, conscious of the environment and that gives back to ocean life. We believe our sun care solutions - and the people that use them - are a driving force towards healthier skin and cleaner oceans. Together we focus on what’s most important: Joie de Vivre and Mother Nature.

Louise Laing

Louise Laing


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My bond to the ocean goes back to childhood years in Mauritius. As I became a reef scientist, I promised myself to fight for a world where future generations can experience the wonders of a vibrant, colourful reef like I did growing up. With People4Ocean we created a unique way of improving skin and ocean wellness hand-in-hand…both are so intricately connected after-all.

Austin Laing-Herbert

Austin Laing-Herbert


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At the age of 2, I took part in the "Swim with Dolphins" research program in Melbourne. Ever since, I was never too far from the ocean. My passion grew and eventually lead me to becoming a coral scientist. Corals never cease to amaze me in their beauty and diversity. They are an astonishing combination of plant and animal, and have bounced back from multiple extinctions throughout millions of years of evolution.


Jean & Kristen Laing


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Together Jean and Kristen have found the answer to the big question: what is 'wellness and beauty' and what do they really mean to women globally. Together, mother and daughter have modernised and streamlined LaGaia into its newest, UNEDITED form.