Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Your Products Made?

Our products are made, tested and filled in Australia. Supporting local businesses and sustainable manufacturing practices is important to us. Our bioplastic tubes are made in NSW, using sugarcane resin or PCR materials. Our zinc sticks paper tubes are imported from the ROC as there is currently no supplier in Australia.

Are They Free of Oxybenzone?

Our products are free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone or any other known marine pollutants*. Our sunscreens and zinc sticks contain eco certified non-nano zinc oxide and are Reef-Friendly Certified.

* According to the latest published list of environmental pollutants in cosmetics by the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory.

What Does “Reef-Safe” Means?

Many sunscreens and cosmetics contain ingredients that - by washing off the skin (or via sewage water) contaminate marine ecosystems and coral reefs. Even at small concentrations, these chemicals are known endocrine and reproductive disruptors for many marine species. A true "reef safe sunscreen" excludes all ingredients that are known marine pollutants or toxic to marine life. Remember that certain brands falsely claim to be "Reef- Safe" but actually contain harmful chemicals, so always check the label for the most common pollutants: Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone, Octocrylene, Homosalate, and Parabens.

Why is Zinc Oxide the Reef-Safe Choice?

Due to its physical properties (zinc is a grounded mineral found in nature), zinc oxide in its non-nano form is the #1 ocean & reef-safe sunscreen ingredient as it shows no penetration in organisms or bioaccumulation in marine food-chains.

Is Zinc Oxide better for my skin?

Zinc oxide provides excellent broad-spectrum protection and has several advantages over chemical actives.

Zinc particles sit on top of your skin and act as a reflective mirror to naturally block UVA, UVB and Blue Light from penetrating your skin and causing damage and ageing.

Zinc oxide is the only FDA and TGA approved broad-spectrum ingredient, and unlike any other active ingredient, its concentration in a product has no limitation.

Is Your Zinc Oxide Non-Nano?

Yes, we use Eco-Certified Non-Nano zinc oxide. However, keep in mind that all cosmetic grade zinc oxide powders may contain an incidental (<5%) quantity of nano-size particles due to the mechanical grinding process.

Why is Non-Nano Zinc Preferable?

Zinc oxide is known as the safest sunscreen blocker and shows no skin penetration when applied topically, even in its nano form. However, zinc nanoparticles can be harmful if ingested or inhaled by people or animals (incl. corals!) so avoid using zinc based sunscreens in powder, spray or aerosol forms.

Do I need to apply sunscreen daily?

A daily sunscreen application is your best defence against premature signs of ageing and melanoma type cancers. We recommend applying a clean physical sunscreen SPF 30 or higher as part of your daily morning skincare routine.

Are your Sunscreen Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Our sunscreens and zinc sticks are 100% natural, waterless, preservative & toxic-free.

Zinc oxide is recognised by the TGA and FDA as the safest sunscreen active ingredient, particularly for sensitive and young skin. Our sunscreens are free of artificial fragrance and lightly infused with a proprietary essential oil blend formulated by our dermal clinicians.

Our SPF 50 Vegan Sunscreen is an award-winning kid sunscreen and is safe to use from 3+ months and on hyper sensitive skin.

Are Your Products Pregnancy and Nursing Safe?

The absence of endocrine and reproductive disruptors in our products make them safe to use from conception to nursing and on children from 6 months of age.