Founded by marine biologists in the search for high-performance natural sun protection, people4ocean sunscreens deliver on quality and sensory, while excluding all skin & ocean pollutants.


people4ocean is on a mission to protect, nurture and restore the beauty and wellbeing of people and oceans. Merging marine and dermal sciences, we pioneer clean, inclusive and sustainable sun care.

Founders Story

Louise Laing and Austin Laing-Herbert met on the Great Barrier Reef while studying marine biology. After obtaining their Masters degree from James Cook University, they expatriated to the Indian Ocean and spent the next 5 years restoring coral reefs in Mauritius and Seychelles.

In 2016, new scientific findings made them question the health and environmental safety of ingredients used in chemical sunscreen. Further research led them to believe that most sunscreen ingredients are contributing to marine pollution and the global reef crisis. Laboratory testing showed that exposure to sunscreen chemicals can inhibit and alter the growth of coral juveniles, is toxic to seven coral species and is likely to induce coral bleaching in the wild, further increasing reef sensitivity to climate change. Similar impacts can be found on human health, such as endocrine disruptions and bioaccumulation in reproductive organs and tissue.

In 2018, they returned to Australia and co-founded People4Ocean Sun Care. Ever since they have been on a mission to bring fundamental change to the sun care industry, by phasing out skin & ocean polluting ingredients, to better protect people and help our oceans in the process. They continue their work as reef scientists, consulting on reef conservation projects in Fiji, French Polynesia and the Great Barrier Reef.