Tinted Sunscreen: Everything You Should Know

Tinted Sunscreen: Everything You Should Know

What if you could simplify your morning skincare routine but still step out the door looking flawless and protected from the sun? Sounds like a dream? Not anymore! Tinted sunscreen is redefining our approach to sun protection and beauty. Perfect for those who value their time and skin health, this sunscreen is the answer to your daily skincare needs. Get ready to discover how this product can revolutionise your routine and give you back your precious time.


What Is Tinted Sunscreen?

Tinted sunscreen is a multi-tasking product that offers the same UV protection as traditional sunscreen but with the added benefit of a tinted coverage. This slight colouration helps even out skin tone, giving you a natural, flawless look. It's perfect for those who seek a minimalist approach to their beauty routine, combining sun protection and a subtle foundation in one.


Is Tinted Sunscreen Better Than Normal Sunscreen?

The debate between tinted and regular sunscreen boils down to personal preference and skin needs. Both offer essential protection against harmful UV rays, but tinted sunscreen steps up by offering cosmetic benefits. It's particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or blemish-prone skin, as it can help conceal redness and imperfections without the heaviness of traditional makeup. Plus, the tint can prevent the white cast often left by regular sunscreens.


Tinted Sunscreen Vs Tinted Moisturiser

Feature Tinted Sunscreen Tinted Moisturiser
Primary Purpose Sun protection with added tint for colour and coverage. Hydration with a hint of colour
Sun Protection High SPF for effective UV protection, which also requires stringent testing during the TGA-listing process. Usually lower SPF, not always suitable for full sun protection, and not systematically tested for effective UV protection (most aren’t TGA listed).
Coverage Light to medium, more focused on evening out skin tone Very light, more for a natural, dewy look
Texture Can vary, but generally lightweight Typically lighter and more hydrating
Suitable For Outdoor activities, daily sun exposure Casual, everyday wear with minimal sun exposure
Skin Benefits Protects against sun damage and may assist in preventing premature skin ageing, sunspots, and some skin cancers. Some formulations include skincare benefits

Primarily moisturises

Ideal For Those prioritising sun protection with a need for minimal coverage

Those seeking light hydration with a touch of colour


Debunking Myths Surrounding Tinted Sunscreen

Is Tinted Sunscreen Makeup?

Tinted sunscreen blurs the line between skincare and makeup. It offers more coverage than a bare face but less than a full foundation. It's an excellent choice for those who prefer a natural look or wish to protect their skin from the sun while subtly enhancing their complexion. Think of it as a skincare product with anti-ageing and cosmetic bonus. And remember, your #1 anti-ageing product should be a primary sunscreen (tinted or not) before anything else.


Does Tinted Sunscreen Cause Acne?

One of the biggest concerns with any skincare product is the potential for causing breakouts. The good news is that many tinted sunscreens are formulated to be non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog pores. However, it's crucial to choose a product that suits your skin type. Look for formulations that are low in oils and contain ingredients that support skin health.


Does Tinted Sunscreen Have A Negative Environmental Impact?

In an era where environmental consciousness is important, it's worth noting that many tinted sunscreens are now formulated without oxybenzone and octinoxate, which is a good step towards mitigating their impacts on marine life. However, to be truly reef-safe, sunscreens should exclude all marine pollutants. According to the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, there are currently 17 ingredients harmful to marine life. By choosing a reef-safe tinted sunscreen that excludes these nasties, you're not just protecting your skin; you're also contributing to the health of our oceans.


People4Ocean New Tinted Sunscreen Evolution, The SPF 50+ Mineral Bioactive Tinted Shield: A Must-Have

People4Ocean SPF 50+ Mineral Bioactive Tinted Shield is a new evolution of tinted skin protection inspired and derived from the sea, where millions of years of natural selection have shaped the most astonishing photo-protective mechanisms in marine plants.

Merging high sun protection and subtle beauty enhancement, this product stands out as a seamless, hydrating and illuminating tinted face sunscreen. Infused with Pink Micro Algae and Spirulina it is designed to provide bioactive defence against solar and blue light and free radical damage.

Selected for their unique bioactive anti-ageing properties, the Pink micro algae and Spirulina deliver preventive levels of antioxidation, anti-inflammation and nourishment within skin. Combined with a safe, effective and long-lasting UV blocker – non-nano zinc oxide – this mineral priming sunscreen ensures the skin microbiome is protected from the full spectrum of environmental ageing.

Finally, the inclusion of a palette of natural pigments provides a subtle blurring coverage for the perfect wear ‘au-naturel’ with noticeable radiance.

Here's a closer look at what makes this product a must-have:

  • High SPF Protection: Tested and TGA-listed for a high SPF of 50+, it offers robust protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, and blue light.
  • Lightly Tinted: The natural pigments in the cream provide subtle, lightly blurring coverage, perfect for a natural look.
  • Marine Antioxidants and Phytonutrients infused: Enriched with potent marine algae extracts, it diffuses strong antioxidative benefits into skin and feed the microbiome with an array of helpful nutrients to counteract the triggers of UV damage and skin ageing.
  • Blue Light Defence: It also shields your skin from blue light damage.


Embrace The Sun With Confidence

Tinted sunscreen is more than just a skincare product; it's a testament to how beauty and sun protection can go hand in hand. It simplifies beauty routines, offers a natural look and ensures your skin is protected against the sun's harmful rays. If you're intrigued by the idea of a tinted sunscreen, turn to People4Ocean. We offer a sustainable and modern evolution of tinted sunscreen, the SPF 50+ Mineral Bioactive Shield Lightly Tinted Cream in Australia to transform your approach to daily sun protection. Shop online and step into the sunlight with confidence and style!

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