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Is daily sunscreen application... that important?

While sunscreen advice can seem overbearing, following it is imperative whether you're concerned about basic skin health or about cosmetic upkeep. Sure, you've "handled" the risks of UV rays just fine so far. But how much can your skin actually cope with?

The fact of the matter is you don't want to find out. Luckily, a good sunscreen for the face can do wonders when it comes to preventing anything from fine lines to skin cancer.

So keep reading to learn more. We'll let you know why sunscreen is so important and how you can find an SPF product that's perfect for you!

Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

Daily and diligent sunscreen use seems a bit overhyped. With sunscreen application feeling greasy and sticky for many people, is it really worth the trouble to apply it every day?

Most people don't apply enough sunscreen on a daily basis. But this doesn't mean that their skin can just tough out against sun damage.

Skin Cancer

The biggest reason to wear sunscreen on a daily basis is to ward off skin cancer. In Australia, 2 out of 3 people are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Not only that, but Australia also has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.

A big part of this reason is that Australia has some of the highest UV radiation levels in the world. But lack of adequate sun protection is one of the ultimate catalysts for incurring different types of skin cancer, such as melanoma. Although this news seems grim, sunscreen application is an easy and accessible preventative measure against this risk!

Sunburn and Windburn

Sun damage does a number on the moisture barrier, which is integral for helping the skin retain water, stay plump and healthy. Needless to say, having a sunburn is uncomfortable at the very least, and very painful at most.

But sunburns aren't just unfortunate phenomena. In fact, the more sunburns a person experiences, the higher their chances of developing skin cancer. So you certainly don't want to take your chances against the hot, relentless Australian sun and test your pain tolerance.

Many people argue that windburn is another form of sunburn. Either way, there's no denying the benefit of using sunscreen to prevent windburn. Otherwise, the combination of cold weather plus sun exposure can double down on damage to your moisture barrier.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

For those that are heavily invested in their skincare routine, using SPF might be a no-brainer. But some people think that their nightly skincare routine is enough to prevent damage to and repair their moisture barrier, which is simply not true!

Even without a sunburn, damage from UV rays can cause premature ageing, such fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. It takes much longer to repair the moisture barrier than it does to damage it, which is why anyone concerned with their beauty routine should implement SPF use to a dutiful degree.

How to Find the Right Sunscreen

There are several tips and tricks out there to make sunscreen applications more comfortable. Such tips include touching up with SPF powder, using a mattifying powder around the eyes, and more.

But most people don't want to spend all that extra time. Instead, they want a product that is comfortable upon application, while providing every necessary protective benefit.

People4Ocean SPF30 and SPF50 sunscreens for face

SPF Rating

The best sunscreen for the face in Australia will undoubtedly be SPF50. SPF30 Sunscreen is also great for a lot of people, but SPF50 is best for most people, who will most likely not apply enough product and/or reapply throughout the day. More specifically, every two hours.

Buying an Australian SPF50 - such as our Vegan SPF50 Sunscreen - for the face is also key. That's because Australia's sunscreen regulations are quite different from those from Europe or America.

Australia is much more diligent about ensuring that products labelled as water-resistant still maintain their SPF rating after water exposure. In general, Australia has some of the strictest SPF testing regulations in the world, making our sunscreens some of the best in the world in terms of protection.

Women who wear makeup should not be relying on a moisturiser or foundation that says it has SPF protection, especially if it doesn’t have an AUST L label (which means it has been tested and substantiated by the TGA). Men who may not do much in the way of skincare, should at least be introducing sunscreen to their routine, especially after shaving when the face is at its most sensitive and exposed.

Applying a premium mineral sunscreen is the most important and final step in any good routine. So start there if anywhere!


Once again, most people's primary gripe when it comes to applying zinc sunscreen to the face is thick, greasy texture. Not only do many people want a less shiny finish to the face, but they also hate the feeling of something sticky on their skin. They may also have sensitive eyes, making many sunscreens burn when it gets in them.

All this can easily ruin someone's focus when it comes to their job and daily tasks. It can also be dangerous during activities such as driving or any other activity that requires concentrated mobility. Many greasy sunscreens can also cause users to break out, and almost no one wants to risk acne even for the sake of sun protection!

A quality sunscreen (such as our SPF30 and SPF50 varieties) removes all of that risk. It's formulated with emollient ingredients to offer a nice glow, but it isn't greasy, providing a great finish for most users.

Good for Sensitive Skin

Even those who don't have sensitive skin will do great with products formulated for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin-friendly formulas have the best guarantee that users won't break out or become irritated after using the product in question.

Such formulas ideally have no artificial fragrance, parabens, and dyes. Our sunscreens tick all these boxes, ensuring that users have the most protective and least irritating experience when using our products.


Many sunscreens get a bad rep for containing toxic chemicals that are bad for the ocean. But our reef-friendly zinc sunscreen for the face contains none of those chemicals. And while other products may use the "reef-safe" label while using chemicals that aren't great for the ocean, we don't try to be that sly.

Not only that, but $1 is donated to reef conservation initiatives for every product that is purchased. Usage of our products is a direct contribution to reef conservation efforts that protect our coral reefs from pollution and toxicity!

Get the Best Sunscreen for the Face in Australia

Skin health should be every person's priority. But for Australians, adequate SPF use is a responsibility with higher stakes. So if you've gotten this far in the article, you understand what these stakes are and why it's crucial that you find the best sunscreen for the face.

Here at People4Ocean, we are a luxurious sun care brand designed by marine biologists that are passionate about our oceans. No synthetic chemicals are used in our sunscreens that are formulated to protect our reefs and offer users optimal protection.

Be sure to explore our website for more information - and keep your eye out for our brand new SPF50+ zinc stick coming out later this month!

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