After sun care, a skin health essential

After sun care, a skin health essential

Everyday your skin goes into defence mechanisms from UV radiation, even with regular SPF application. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to be sunburnt to suffer the long-term effects of UV-exposure. While using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital, we shouldn’t solely rely on sunscreen to give our skin all the protection and care it needs from sun exposure. This is why After Sun care is essential for skin health...

Australia’s exposure to UV radiation is higher than most countries; the burn time can be as rapid as five minutes. This makes Caucasian Australians and New Zealanders 13 times more likely to develop melanoma skin cancer than the global average. Subsequently, the probability of prematurely ageing skin, pigmentation, sensitivities in these two countries are highest worldwide. 

In this context, daily SPF application is crucial. Sunscreen protects your skin by absorbing/ reflecting UV rays. P4O mineral sunscreens works by reflecting UVA/UVB rays away from the skin, like a protective mirror. But no sunscreen can provide 100% protection from UV radiation. SPF 30 sunscreens reflect on average 97% of UV rays, while SPF 50 sunscreens reflect about 98% - only one percent more. Above SPF 50, the extra percentage of UV reflected is negligible. Without proper re-application, a skin exposed to direct sunlight for too long may lead to a sun burn. In that case, most people will reach out for post-sun treatments, in order to cool and soothe the burn. But did you know that applying post-sun treatment is essential to any sun-exposed skin?
According to Dr. Jean Laing, skincare creator at LaGaia Unedited: “Your skin is an internal and external reflection of your health. Many people believe that drinking 8 glasses of water day is sufficient for body hydration. Skin hydration is another story, being tucked into layers of protective membrane, it requires penetrating oils, vitamins and nutrients."
With a moisture-locking base of Organic Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate, P4O After Sun Solution is designed to help comfort the skin and replenish moisture loss due to excess sun exposure. Photo by Kari Shea @unsplash
“Post-sun treatment is critical in helping prevent today’s sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage,” she says. With a moisture-locking base of Organic Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate, P4O After Sun Solution is designed to help comfort the skin and replenish moisture loss due to excess sun exposure. Formula delivers powerful antioxidants and soothing ingredients that help your stressed skin bounce back after a long day in the sun. 
Finally, if you are gradually building your tan, moisturising your skin everyday is key to maintaining a heathy glow.  On hot summer days, P4O After Sun Solution is the perfect skin tonic and non-oily moisturiser. Applied daily, it helps restore and maintain healthy skin pH, moisture and plumpness.  Well hydrated and oxygenated, your skin will cope much better to UV-induced oxidative stress and maintain a healthy summer glow. 
What to do in case of a sun burn...
Over-exposure to UV works in a similar way to an overdose of thermal radiation (heat). When your skin burns, the damage spreads through the skin cells after the exposure has ceased. Proper after sun care will help stop the burn and put your skin on the path of recovery.
Take a cool shower: This will help stop the burn from spreading through your skin and give you a instant cooling relief.

Apply P4O After Sun Solution as a mask. This will further remove heat from skin and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Re-apply to saturate skin with hydration. For an increased cooling sensation, keep your P4O After Sun tube in the fridge.
Give your skin a break from any harsh treatment such as irritants and chemical products, and if you can, delay shaving or waxing. 

Stay hydrated. Drinking fluids during and after sun exposure helps replenish your skin with the minerals it needs for proper cell function and repair against oxidative stress. 

Avoid further sun exposure. A sun-exposed skin will take about 24 hours to repair at a cellular level. Give your skin time to recover between exposure and always wear broad-spectrum SPF. P4O sunscreens are deeply moisturising and ingredients natural and gentle on all skins, even the most sensitive.

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